Omasya is a continent is a conglomeration of all the core races, why still having segregated unique settlements of each race throughout the country. In the middle is the citadel (the capital) with the emperor (who is an elf). The citadel has a its elite guards, a court herald, and numerous other guards and experts in it as well as an army comprised of mostly dwarves, who are known for their fighting. Although there is not a formal resistance, halflings and some gnomes are against new taxes and political changes which give positions of power throughout the country to dwarves and elves. Because of this, the army has been slowing oppressing these pockets of resistance through sheer numbers and force when it is deemed necessary, which is rare.
The rest of the country lives peacefully living their normal lives and having their own adventures and points of interests, problems, etc. Towns and villages have leaders or mayors who run their town. Animals, plants, undead, and other threats live between civilizations although far from the masses of people. There is a balance of control from the civilized humanoid populations controlled threats but at the same time can be extremely dangerous if ill-prepared.
Some people live in alternative ways, such as in the forest or in barbaric tribes (associated with half-orcs). Everyone is free to live there way of life, but its own pro’s and con’s (trading safety for complete freedom).

Elves are considered elites as they mostly have positions of power, the most prominent being the emperor. Most are spellcasters, rangers, or generally intellectuals.

Dwarves are considered the civilized brute strength, consisting of fighters and crafters.
Humans and half elves are the most populous, and as a population live the most versatile lifestyles of different careers, occupations, walks of life, etc. They normally tend to not care about the world unless it directly impacts them.

Half orcs are known as the uncivilized strength. Being just as good at fighting as dwarves, half orcs tend to shy away from other races and live amongst themselves in their own outposts or tribes. Most are barbarians but they are some who integrate within any society, some even being in the army.

Gnomes are considered wild cards, being charismatic and the least populous race. Gnomes come from various walks of life and you never known what you get until you meet them.

Halflings are considered the bottom of the hierarchy for being smaller, frailer, and stubborn. Generally considered annoying to others outside of their race, the halflings tend to be the oddballs who find a way to survive and prosper somehow.

The Fight for Omasya

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