Race: Gnome
Status: Alive


Giggs is as chaotic as they come. A former adventurer who “settled down” and opened a store to “attempt” a quite life. He lives with his halfling wife Harley and business partner, a halfling named Gnarly. The quotations are necessary due to how incorrect they really are. A head figure as one of the leaders of the Resistance, Giggs has proudly assumed the role of being in charge of finances and self proclaimed to be in charge of snacks. The store he runs is a bakery and does actually make some fine desserts, most notably pies. However, much of Giggs life remains a mystery to most of the people who associate with him. There is much to this man that remains a mystery but it is rumored that he owns the gambling hall in Rshina, and that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Note: It is Highly Recommended not to get on his bad side


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