Race: Human
Status: Dead


Nanami is young human cleric dedicated to helping everyone she can. Her quirky nature comes off as naivety and sometimes blissfully unaware, but she is quite highly intelligent, able to solve complex puzzles and problems in a short manner of time. She always carrys around a magnifying glass for some reason, is very slow at talking (needing time to say the sentence in her head first), and normally looks as though she could fall asleep at any moment. She frequently travels around attempting to help wherever she is needed and is accompanied by her best friend and romantic partner Hajime on her travels. A spectacular healer, Nanami stays in the back of fights and heals a party member when they get injured.

After the attack of Yordletown, her and Hajime ran into a group that he know from Yordletown in Waterdeep, and after learning of their destruction, she opted they travel with them. They have accompanied this group to Rshina. She helped defend the church with Pywright and Hajime from giants, and the structure is still intact.

She was killed during the real attack on Rshina, it is still unclear of the events that transpired.


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