The Fight for Omasya


Part 1

The group made it to the Halfling Resistance town of Rshina after a few days journey, and were welcomed to enter with little resistance (now that’s a great pun) when they realized that Pegason Hollingsworth, son of the great Maverick Hollingsworth, the greatest bard in all of Omasya. After proceeding through the gate, most of the party (with the exception of Bastion, Hajime, and Nanami) made their way through the town to The Slingshot Tavern, where Pegason was finally reunited with his father, who was telling one of his infamous story about a Mountain Giant (unintentional foreshadowing?). Maverick was ecstatic to see his son again and equally enthused when he saw Pywright and gave her all of his magnificent charm. The very first second Pywright saw an opening to slip out and escape she did and continued her quest to find more information about the person who killed her grandfather. She happened upon a mysterious Half Elf sitting alone in the tavern by the name of Clive Charles, who, after a monetary exchange, accepted the task of finding more about Old Man Henderson’s murderer.

Bastion went the church to be “religiony and stuff” when a small girl bumped into him running out of the church, and hid behind him. Two guards who were chasing the young girl asked Bastion to return the girl because she was an orphan and was trying to escape her temporary housing at the church. Instead of handing the girl over to the guards, he adopted her right then an there, filling out the appropriate paperwork to legally claim her as his own child. The girl’s name is Patricia, or as Bastion has ingrained into her, Patty.

When the party regrouped, Maverick insisted they come to the Resistance headquarters the next day to help out, after of course a night of drinking and fun. Maverick introduced Pegason to his adventuring buddy for a few years, Arctos, who Pegason and the rest of the group had encountered before. Maverick lived up to his expectation, being the center of the party and taking home a halfling woman to continue his own personal pleasure. When the next morning arrived, Pegason learned that Maverick had hired Hajime to be his bodyguard for the time being because of the danger he was putting his son in.

So the next day the group met the true leader of the Resistance, a halfling with many years on him by the name of Marshall Petain who asked everyone to perform a few small services to the town such like such as giving food supplies to the church and picking up potions to restock their own supply.

WIth the small stuff sorted out, Maverick then asked the group to track down three “rogue” Paladins known as “The Holy Misfits” that had disobeyed direct orders to stay within the city limits and went to the next town over. The group left for the town where they happened upon a the townsfolk surrounding the Paladins, thanking them for their service. The Paladins consisted of a pudgy gnome, a halfling wearing no armor, and their leader was a dwarf with the heaviest looking armor that probably weighed as much as he did. The group figured out that the town was having an aberration problem and the Paladins, who went by the name “The Holy Misfits” due to their abnormal race, size, and way of being a Paladin, had eliminated them. The Misfits knew they disobeyed orders, but they had agreed to help this town first and their honor forbid them to turn a blind eye.Led by Mephistopheles, the group convinced the Holy Misfits to come without a fight. However, as the group was leaving, a giant trapper aberration emerged from the ground trying to engulf Pegason, but he was pushed out of the way by Hajime who was engulfed instead. The party along with the Holy Misfits swarmed the aberration to kill it. The aberration finally fell after it disarmed the entire party, but Patty threw Bastion his sword back to mortally wound it and Hajime dealing the final blow, killing it from the inside after taking substantial damage.

The group led the Holy Misfits back to town where they would be held in the prison located under the town hall. Maverick and Marshall were delighted about their success and invited them to dinner a few evenings from then. Before this would happen, the group ran into their old buddy Derrick the Drinker who informed them of an item he somehow misplaced in a cave that also had a bunch of treasure that they could keep for themselves. After warning them of the dangers that could possibly be in the cave, the group went to the cave where it appeared someone had beat them to the punch. Every obstacle seemed to have been handled brutally as a line of destruction carved their path to the end of the cave. At the end of the cave was a trap door and two levers, with one of them already being pulled. Mephistopheles pulled the other lever, and the secret opening to the treasure room with several magical items. Patty was actually the one to identify the item that Derrick was probably looking for, a ring that could detect any tavern within 20 miles, and the group returned to deliver it back to him.

The day of the dinner, Maverick asked each person to bring a dish, Mephistopheles ordered a cake, Bastion and Patty made one, Pegason attempted to make a casserole that desperately needed a magical illusion to make it taste edible, and Pyrite hunted with Hajime and brought a bounty of meat. At the dinner, Maverick and Marshall informed them of the business of why they were all summoned here. The Resistance had been infiltrated, someone had been giving away vital information that only the founding members had knowledge of, meaning it was one of them. Maverick and Marshall asked the party to find out who it was by any means necessary and gave a list of the suspects.

Along with their names, there was a Half Orc named Viral who was in charge of inventory of non combat materials, a Halfling named Benedict who was in charge of diplomatic relations, a dwarf named Brutus who was in charge of the town’s defenses, a Half Elf named Scar who was in charge of scouting, a Halfling named Marina who was in charge of combat materials, and a Gnome named Giggs, who was in charge of finances and self appointed himself in charge of snacks.

The last time their was a mystery, Pegason and Pyrite used logical deduction and critical thinking to deduce who was the killer within the manor…. this time was much Much different. Running around with what can best be described as headless chickens, they proceeded to either attempted to directly confront people by asking them straight up if they wanted help overthrowing the Resistance or following them unsubtlely around town.
After an unsuccessful first day, Mephistopheles took the helm of the investigation, slowing eliminating possible suspects. First he got an augury which eliminated Marshall, Maverick, and Viral from suspicion. The next person they checked was Marina but the secret she was hiding was having an affair with Maverick, not turning traitor. Scar was acting secretive, but that was only because he was attempting to adopt but the child he was going to adopt died in burned down orphanage. Then Mephistopheles asked the non suspicious members about the remaining suspicious members and learned that Benedict was heavily in debt, Brutus seemed to being showing signs of slowing down and sickness, and Giggs was more a less a wild card. This immediately made Mephistopheles and the rest of the group investigate Giggs, which they broke into house/work (a bakery) at night. They were greeted by the question “Do you want to die now or die later?” which Mephistopheles replied yes, instantly gaining favor with Giggs who found that quite amusing, but the group left thinking they were made and didn’t want him to alert the authorities. The group came back the following morning and went through the front door and investigated a seemingly empty home/shop. After rummaging around, they found financial documents about the local gambling hall along with a message about installing a secret room in this house that gave very specific details of where it was and how to open it. They went into the room where they happened upon Giggs, a Halfling female named Harley, a male Halfling named Gnarly, and a human who Mephistopheles recognized as the person who was running the gambling hall. After attempting to question Giggs, he devulged that he knew whoever it was had incriminating evidence, they just needed to find it. This angered a human fighter named Striker, who had met the group and joined them in Farandyle and helped out when he was not searching for his vices, and he threatened Giggs with violence. Giggs asked for a moment alone with him and proceeded to throw a pie with knockout gas in it to incapacitate him and left a note in his pocket of how the party should proceed. The two remaining suspects were Benedict and Brutus. The note along with Hajime’s advice, was to break into both their houses and search for evidence of their betrayal when they aren’t home. When they brought their report to Maverick, he said he could get them all into a Resistance meeting and wing it for an hour, while the group split into two and searched both houses. The first group was Bastion, Patty, and Pegason who searched Benedict’s house. After Patty picked the lock, they searched diligently, and Patty found all of the documents Benedict was trying to keep secret, showing who he was in debt to. The second group was Mephistopheles, Striker, Pywright, and Hajime who searched Brutus’s house. All but Hajime (who stood outside to keep guard) climbed to an open second story window. Searching his place, they found papers that Striker identified as medical documents showing that he was suffering from an illness and was going to expire soon. The groups reconvened at Maverick’s house where they waited for him to return. While searching his home for anything of interest, the happened to find a note detailing plans to fire someone to kill Marshall by Maverick. Shortly after Maverick returned and was confronted by about the note, which he claimed to have never seen before. Striker then had the thought to compare the handwriting to the papers that they had found in the previous homes they searched, and discovered that the handwriting perfectly matched with Brutus’s documents.

The party went straight back to Brutus’s home, who should be heading there straight from the meeting, began to spread oil around it and set fire to his place, hoping to smoke him out or kill him for being the traitor. After his home was burned down, they realized he wasn’t there and began the search for him. The captain of the wall a halfling named Ida House informed them that Brutus had just left town an hour ago and the group collected themselves, rented a carriage, and gave chase. They were able to find the tracks for the first few hours but eventually lost all trace of where he went and went back to Rshina. They celebrated their victory of finding and removing the traitor from Rshina, although they did not eliminate him. Everyone was enjoying the festivities until Mephistopheles was approached by an Elf wearing a skull insignia on his cloak. Aptly named Skull, leader of the Skull Mercenaries, he instantly recognized Mephistopheles as the disgraced Citadel elite gave him a “friendly” warning to not interfere with him or his group. Mephistopheles, liquored up, didn’t care for the warning and instead gave a warning of his own, telling Skull if he threatened him or any of his friends again he would kill him, and walked off, stumbling out of the bar and falling face first into the ground. Unphased, the exchange only brought a smile to the Skull’s face.

Over the next few days, the group dismantled some local bandits and fought in the town’s arena to hone their skills some more. A few nights later, Maverick approached Pegason wanting to talk to him about something serious, his mother. He had learned that she is being kept in the Citadel, within the castle walls. He does not know why and tried to reach her but his efforts failed. This is the reason why he joined the Resistance, to get back his wife. He had more to say to Pegason about the plans of the Resistance, but he would discuss the rest with him tomorrow.


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