The Fight for Omasya

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When We Last Our Heroes

The story so far

The adventure starts in a tavern called the Cuddly Boulder in Yordletown. After drinking and playing gambling games into the night, a brawl escalates and strangely everyone passes out. When the player characters of Pegason Hollingsworth, Old Man Henderson, Pywright Henderson, and Bastion awoke, they are found in a cell and learn that a patron at the bar was killed. However, instead of being punished, they were recruited to do a mission for a man in fully clad emerald armor who was known as the Emerald Warrior, for a simple escort mission to the Grey Garrison. Once there, they meet the ruler/owner of the Grey Garrison, Sir Rogar, who asks them to retrieve a rare item within a cave that is in the Jade Forest. In order to find the cave, the party enlists the help of a local ranger by the name of Hajime to guide them there. Once there, they went into the cave and dealt with the troubles that plagued the cave consisting of gnolls and mimics as well as a velociraptor until they accomplished their mission.

After returning to Yordletown, a few nights later in the middle of the night the party was stirred awake by the sounds of fireballs raining from the skies. When going outside the caravan to investigate, they found a large number of red and gold uniformed men attacking and burning the village. They immediately started fighting their way to the outskirts of town and eventually made it out. From that point, they hustled back to the secure walls of the Grey Garrison and were able to recollect themselves. At the Grey Garrison they learned that the attack came from the Citadel, the capital of Omasya and that war has officially broken out between the Citadel and the Resistance consisting mostly of the oppressed Halfling race as well as other factions. The orders of Paladins also joined the fight to try and bring justice and civil rule to the country divided, and Sir Rogar and his vasts amount of wealth was forming a militia to put his claim in.

Within the day at arriving in the Grey Garrison, a courier stationed there received a message to Old Man Henderson from the archmage of Waterdeep, requesting he needed to see him in person. The group set out for Waterdeep where they ran into a lone gigantic man in the woods who they soon learned went by the name of Arctos. After questioning him, they eventually asked him to come along with them and within the next few days ran into the former priest of Yordletown who was actually a necromancer by the name of Father O’Doyle. The group proceeded to destroy father O’Doyle and his abominations to rid the world of that small evil and continued to Waterdeep.

Arriving in Waterdeep, Old Man Henderson went to the Guild of Mages to meet with the Archmage and after returning a magical item he borrowed, received an invitation addressed to him and his granddaughter Pywright to meet at a manor in the rich district of a recently deceased noble for his will reading and to obtain possessions that would be left to them. Pegason ran into a fellow with white hair by the name of Komaeda and learned from him of a lottery that was going to happen in the rich district where one lucky person would receive a prize and would be allowed to enter. The group met in front of the building as Old Man Henderson and Pywright went inside. After all of the people who were invited were inside, the lottery began and a single name was picked out of a hat. The winner was Pegason Hollingsworth and he was allowed to go inside. Finally, a single man of upstanding nature who had taken vows (a Paladin) was requested to be in the premises to insure no foul play would break out amongst the guests, in which Bastion volunteered.

Once inside, the group met the other guests which consisted of their former employer the emerald warrior still fully cladded and Pegason recognized Komaeda. Immediately after introductions, a voice rang out loudly telling them of the trap that they were in. That there was no inheritance and that the only way to escape was to murder someone and get away with it without the others figuring out it was them. They then learned that the doors and walls were magically sealed and the token that was given to them at the door that allowed them entrance negated any magical ability until the mystery was solved. The first murder took place sometime in the middle of the night and the guests learned of in the morning. After an investigation, everyone went through the clues they had found to try and deduct who the murderer was. The wizard of the party had 22 intelligence and the Paladin had the ability to detect alignment, but it was the bard Pegason and the barbarian Pywrght who solved the mystery using deductive reasoning. Soon after the trial, the group explored the entire building and found false and true clues as to who the mastermind behind this really was and were eventually able to eliminate her and escape.

It was during this time however that Komaeda knocked out and kidnapped Pywright, leaving behind clues for her grandfather Old Man Henderson to find her, but on the condition that he comes alone. After giving the slip to the rest of the party, Old Man Henderson tracked down Pywright’s whereabouts to a manor on the other side of the rich district. When he entered the manor, he saw Pywright unconscious next to a menacing figure with a distinctive appearance of an ash covered face, red scarf, and bandaged left arm as well as several other shadowy figures. The menacing figure ordered them to kill and Old Man Henderson fended off a few before he was overwhelmed and knocked unconscious. When Pywright regained consciousness, she watched as the menacing figure killed her father by dropping him from a second floor balcony, causing Pywright to fly into a rage, break from her bonds, and start killing all the shadowy figures while the distinctive man and a few of his cohorts vanished into the night. After everything was resolved and all of the figures had fled or died by the hands of Pywright, she found her group she was traveling with and informed them of her grandfather’s passing. The funeral was held the next day and Pywright vowed to find the person who killed her grandfather and return the favor.

After the funeral, Pegason, Pywright, and Bastion hit up the local tavern where they ran into a down trotted elf by the name Mephistopheles as well as their old acquaintance Hajime who was traveling with a female cleric named Nanami. After pleasantries were exchanged, Pegason began to feel the effects from his drink that had a curse placed in it, and saw the man responsible for doing was Komaeda, who was promptly captured. After a brief conversation, most of them had a similar destination traveling north and decided to travel together.

The first place they headed was the Paladin town of Crosshatch were Bastion was born and raised. However, upon arriving, they found the city to be at the aftermath of a large scale battle, with death scattered across the streets. All of the Paladins of Shelyn within the town were decimated and the party eventually found the remaining culprits responsible for destruction near the main hall in the center of town. They looked identical to paladins but draped in black armor who called themselves the Black Guard, a secret order of the Citadel. The two sides instantaneously clashed, and once the party gained the upper hand through the unexpected and brief intervention of Arctos, a few of the members retreated into the main hall and then used a scroll of teleportation to escape. The party then found a map showing targets of where they were going to strike next, showing the resistance city of Rshina and Pegason’s hometown of Farandyle, which Pegason convinced the group to head to next since it was closer and was in more immediate danger. The party then realized that Komaeda had escaped during the commotion of battle and was able to slip away.

The group safely made it to Farandyle, although Pegason’s curses were still in full effect, changing his race, size, and gender to point where he was unrecognizable. The city was safe and untouched from Citadel forces allowing the party to safely gather supplies and explore what the town had to offer. Pywright and Mephistopheles found an underground fighting arena and fought there to improve their battle prowess. Pegason eventually was able to rid himself of the curses and found out that his father whom he had been searching for since Yordletown had traveled to Rshina.

Before they proceeded to Rshina, Pegason volunteered his party members to join a play called “The Raccoon who made friends with a tree” that was being held in the Farandyle theater. Everyone got supporting roles and practiced for the next few days. When the play commenced, everyone went out and performed adequately, with the exception of Mephistopheles, who played a bush while drinking the entire time on stage. Somehow, the audience found this to be an artistic representation of nature’s blind ignorance with humanity and was given a standing ovation, which he promptly fell of the stage in a drunken stupor. This was fortunate for him as he spotted an assassin in the skylights of the building while flat on his back and after the assassin made his kill on one of the leading actors (a druid’s familiar raccoon), Mephistopheles was able to pursue him, and kill him in a fight that took place 50 feet up in a tree with the help of Pegason blinding him, which led the assassin to fall from the tree to his death.

Soon after, an intoxicated dwarf by the name of Derrick informed them of a treasure in a cave a day’s ride away, which the party adventured to, slaying the monsters that laid in front of them ranging from swarms of poisonous locusts to a large minotaur to obtain the treasure that found it way into the cave. After returning and giving Derrick an item for the cave that belonged to him, the party consisting of Pegason, Pywright, Bastion, Mephistopheles, along with Hajime and Nanami set off for Rshina.


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