Race: Human
Status: Alive


Making his living as scout and guide, Hajime has traveled Omasya most of his life, carrying everything he owns and needs on his back. Hajime possesses average physical talent but is actually highly intelligent and experienced with the world though he doesn’t believe it himself. He is blunt at almost all times that comes off as cynical, briefly showing moments of kindness only expressed when people desperately need it. However, he is tolerant and patient with almost everybody. The only real connection he made is with a cleric named Nanami who he normally travels with.

His rather normal life was shattered after the attack on yordletown by the Citidel. While most ran away from the fire raining upon them fearing for their lives, Hajime was one of the only ones to rush in, only to assure the safety of his traveling companion. After traveling to the Grey Garrison and Waterdeep, Hajime ran into an interesting group he met in Yordletown before the attack that was in need of his services and while not necessarily wanting to be apart of this, he was convinced by Nanami due to traveling the same path.

After reaching Farendyle, and then Rshina, Hajime was coerced into being a bodyguard to Pegason by his father Maverick. He reluctantly slightly helps the group outside of his guide duties. While reluctant, he still performed his bodyguard duty admirably, saving Pegason from being engulfed by a trapper aberration that resulted in him taking substantial damage. He again saved Pegason by lifting him off the ground and carrying him away from his trapped father as an extremely large Mountain Giant was approaching. Instead of fighting with the group to save the city, he and initially Pywright, went to the church to find Nanami and protected the citizens who went there for safety and successfully accomplished this.

Hajime stayed behind with Nanami and Patty when the party went to destroy the Citadel encampment when the real attack on Rshina happened. It is still unclear what transpired, but Hajime took mortal wounds and was killed, but was brought back to life several hours later from a breath of life spell that was placed on him took effect.

The only meaningful relationship to his is Nanami. While most don’t understand her quirky nature, he has found it to be an unexpected joyful experience to be around. Around her, he normally drops his cynic appearance and trusts her words knowing that she is more than likely correct. If Hajime has any free time, he tries to spend it with her. Now that she is dead, this doesn’t hold true, and losing her has a drastic change his scope on life.


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