Maverik Hollingsworth

Bard/Resistance Figure Head. Get it? Head?


Race: Human
Status: Dead and Still Sexier (Death by Titan- I mean Giant)


A great and famous womanizing, lute-playing bard. Maverik is extremely outgoing, optimistic, cocky (in all senses of the word), and charismatic.

Maverik began lute playing at a young age in order to impress girls in his village. After saving up enough money, Maverik set off to a Bardic College against the consent of his father. He attended the college for nearly a full four years before he was permanently expelled after getting caught sleeping with the dean’s daughter (a plan Maverik had been working towards since his first day at the college). Despite not receiving his official degree to prove his years of studies, Maverik went down in the college’s history as a legend (various student challenges named after him) and became a seasoned prodigy. For the next several years, Maverik travelled the lands, adventuring and performing in search of fame, women, and fortune.

Finally, one day Maverik found himself and his current adventuring crew gravely wounded and stumbling into the elven grove of Farandyle. There, Maverik found himself in the care of a beautiful elf woman named Alyndra. The group decided to stay in Farandyle for a few weeks while they recovered from their wounds. During this relaxation period, Maverik had time to spend with his new temporary caretaker, and felt a connection he hadn’t felt with another woman before. Alyndra amazed Maverik, and sheer curiosity in who she was and where she came from kept Maverik eager to see her. After a few weeks had passed, the adventuring group decided they were well enough to head back out on the road. In this time, Maverik received the news that Alyndra was pregnant with his child. Maverik bid farewell to his troupe in order to marry and finally settle down while his first (known) child was born. Finally, Alyndra gave birth to a half-elf child they named Pegason Hollingsworth.

Maverik stayed with Alyndra during Pegason’s early years, then took up adventuring once again to earn an income to support his family. Eventually, Maverik found steady income as a bard at a place called the Grey Garrison.

One night, he was awoken in the middle of his slumber by a frantic, sweaty courier alerting him Alyndra and Pegason were kidnapped. Within days, Maverik had tracked down the group of bandits that were responsible for capturing his family. After clearing the hideout single-handedly, Maverik was surprised to find his son, Pegason. Through interrogation of bandits, Maverik learned not even the bandits knew where Alyndra had gone. Maverik and Pegaon went back and forth between Farandyle and the Grey Garrison until Pegason was old enough to take care of himself in Farandyle while Maverik remained working in the Grey Garrison. Not much later, Maverik was informed Pegason left to go find his mother, which made him proud to see his son become just like him.

After meeting up with his son in the town of Rshina, Maverik invited Pegason and his friends to join the Resistance; a force he had joined in order to put an end to the corrupt government at the Citadel. Unfortunately, despite all their preparations, Maverik was caught in an attack from giants on the city, and his fate was sealed when he was eaten by a titanic giant. After Pegason killed the giant who ate Maverik, the body was recovered from the giant’s stomach and a short funeral was held in his honor. This was written on his tombstone:

Maverik Hollingsworth
The Greatest Bard Who Ever Lived
Died as he lived; in someone else’s mouth.


Maverik Hollingsworth

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