Patty can do it


Race: Human
Status: Missing


Patricia has been an orphan all her life, using her wit to survive. When the Orphanage burned down and the orphans were moved to the church, Patricia opted to live on the streets. After a few weeks, the guards eventually found her and forced her to live in the church. Not wanting to be stuck inside the church, she attempted to escape and was immediately spotted and chased by the guards. Then a paladin of Shelyn by the name of Bastion came by the church, bumped into her, and adopted her on the spot. Bastion immediately started calling her Patty, which she is Not particularly a fan of.

Patricia has proven her worth to the group by helping in combat by tossing a disarmed sword back to Bastian and out of combat by picking well designed locks to aid in an investigation. She has a box of wands she procured and uses them to aid the party. She has used a wand of cure light wounds to heal members who get injured and has used a wand of magic missle to help fight off giants, even getting the killing one in the process.

She was left behind in Rshina with Hajime and Nanami when the party went to destroy the Citidel encampment, when the real attack on Rshina occured. The events still remain a mystery, but Patty is nowhere to be found.


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