Pegason Hollingsworth

Son of the Great Maverik Hollingsworth; The Greatest Bard in all of Omasya


Level: 6
Class Bard (6)
Race: Half-elf
Status: Alive and Sexy


“You can catch more flys with honey, but you can catch more honeys by lookin’ fly.”

Much like his father, Pegason wanders the land in search of women, fame, and fortune. The difference is one of these women he’s searching for is his mother.

Back when Pegason was a child, he was teased and made fun of in his elven-society school. He never had many friends and had been isolated on several occasions. His parents were usually there to help him whenever he was feeling blue, up until Pegason turned ten. Pegason was just picking up the panpipes when his father, Maverik Hollingsworth, went off in search of work to support him. His new-found interest in music got him a few beatings in school by a few tougher human kids. His mother, Alyndra, was always understanding and loved nothing more than to hear her son play for her on the pipes.

Disaster had struck around the time Pegason was twelve years old. A local gang of bandits kidnapped Pegason and his mother while they slept in the night. They were taken to the bandit’s hideout and put in a cage. The two were trapped for days on almost no food or nourishment. Pegason could vividly remember his mother holding him and sobbing, constantly saying “I love you.” in both common and elven. He also remembered his mother would be taken from the cage for hours at a time, then returned. However, one time the bandits removed Alyndra from the cage, and she never came back.

The next day, bursting through the doors to their rescue was Pegason’s father, Maverik. Maverik rescued his son and interrogated their captors, learning that the bandits lost Alyndra and had no idea where she had gone. With that, Pegason followed with his father for the next few years, travelling back and forth between his hometown of Farandyle and Maverik’s place of work, the Grey Garrison. Eventually, Pegason was able to live on his own in Farandyle while his father sent back enough money to keep him going.

After a while, Pegason decided he was ready to set out on his quest; find his mother. He told his father he would make his own money by adventuring and barding, and visit often. Then, after steeling his nerves, Pegason began his quest; one that would forever shape the rest of his life.

Pegason Hollingsworth

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