The Fight for Omasya

Attack on Rshina

Part 2: Attack on Rshia

The next day starts with Pegason waking up to a knock at the door of Mavericks. He answers it to see Hajime who said he was summoned here as well. They wait for an hour until Maverick comes out to address them. He tells Pegason and Hajime that the Resistance will soon move and that Darren the Forger has been forging adamantine, crafting a special adamantine morningstar for Pegason. Maverick asks them to held to the Warehouse before him, as he has some unfinished business to attend to in his bedroom.

Pywright, Bastion, and Mephistopheles waking up to the sweet aroma of a freshly baked pie set atop their chest. Each contained a note from Giggs telling them to head to the Warehouse where a large amount of adamantine needed to be smelted. Now awake and slightly confused, they gathered themselves and ventured to the Warehouse. When they arrive, they see a human barbarian and halfling rogue standing idly while Darren worked the smelter. Asking Darren to smelt the adamantine for them, Darren placed the first one in, and a small explosion happened within the smelter. However, this wasn’t due to incompetence, because a series of other large thunderous noises followed by the ground shaking occurred. Pegason and Hajime, who were heading towards the Warehouse, turned around to see the western wall being torn apart by giants. The giants were destorying chunks of the wall and sections were flying into the town, crashing into the nearby homes.

Pegason and Hajime immediately turned back, fearing for Maverick’s safety. Pegason’s fears came true as he saw a large piece of the wall had landed on Maverick’s house, and Maverick was pinned from the waist down by the large stone. Pegason and Hajime attempted to left the stone to create a gap for Maverick to escape, but the massive stone was too heavy and his legs had been crushed. Continuing to try and free Maverick, they noticed a large mountain giant slowly making his way towards their position. Hajime ran towards it to try and hold it off, but after his first volley showed to have no effect, he decided that retreat was the best course of action. Maverick, still trying to be freed by Pegason, reached out and grabbed Pegason to bring him in closer. He told Pegason that he needed to run, and to find a man by the name of Clive Charles and tell him to set in motion “Operation Cavalier”. Not wanting to leave Maverick, he desperately tried one more time to free his father, but to no avail. Hajime ran to Pegason, picked him up over his shoulder, and ran further in town with Pegason in tow. Pegason watched in horror as the mountain giant lumbered towards the remnants of Maverick’s house, lifted the giant boulder and picked up Maverick. Maverick started playing “Sound of Silence” as the giant brought him to his mouth and proceeded to eat him.

Mephistopheles and the rest of the group were startled from the explosions, and went out to investigate. It didn’t take much to notice that a large number of giants had broken the western wall and had entered to attack the city. The Emerald Swordsman, who had the halfling rogue and human barbarian escort him to the city, came out to survey the situation. Withing six seconds, he surveyed the situation, said “got it” and went back inside. Mephistopheles went back in to ask the Emerald Swordsman what the plan was, and he told them to help defend the city, as he needed time to create something to help their predicament. Mephistopheles rounded up everyone at the warehouse, except Darren who was still at the forge, to go and fight the giants. They rushed west towards the battle through the abandoned streets when they saw Hajime carrying Pegason heading in their direction.

After letting Pegason down, Pegason informed the rest of the group what had transpired, and Hajime, realizing the scale of what was happening, rushed off north towards the church, with Pywright following right behind him. The rest of the group continued west until they approached the nearest giant and began their assualt. Swiftly striking at the giant, the party learned first hand the brutal strength of a giant, as Striker took two powerful blows that dealt him a tremendous amount of damage. The final blow came from Patty hitting the giant with a wand of magic missle. After the giant was killed, the party rushed to the next nearest giant and began to attack it. After dropping to near death, Striker rushed up and jumped to the giant’s head and with an impressive feat of strength, snapped the giant’s neck, instantly killing him.

Hajime and Pywright ran to the church where Hajime fanatically searched for Nanami, eventually finding her. Pywirght asked if they had a plan, and Nanami told them that they needed to defend the church as many townsfolk had came here for safety and protection. The three of them along with a few guards took position to defend the church. Soon, a giant began to make his way towards the church, where Pywright charged it while Hajime and the rest of the guards drew ranged weapon to shoot it. Pywright and the giant exchanged minor blows, with the difference being that every time Pywright took damage, she was instantly healed by Nanami. Hajime eventually slew the giant with a barrage of arrows. Pywright surveyed her surrounding and saw the rest of her group nearby and ran over to join them.

With a brief moment to collect themselves, the party weighted their options. There were several giants a short distance away, but Pegason wanted to find the the giant responsible for killing his father. That one was easily recognizable due to it being twice as large as any of the other giants. Pegason made an executive decision that they should go for the big one. Before they risked going to kill the enormous giant, Pegason wanted to grab the adamantine morningstar his father made for him. The group weaved their way through the countless battles between giants and the halfling guards defending their home to reach the Warehouse.

Pegason found his adamantine morningstar, while the rest of the party found some superior weapons and armor to equip themselves with. Bastion obtained a cold iron masterwork longsword and Pywright found a masterwork falchion and chain shirt. Fully restocked and equipped, Pegason formed a plan that required a carriage, several horses, a longsword, and plenty of rope. They headed to the stables where they happened to find a remaining carriage and three horses. Pegason took the one horse that reeked of booze (it’s Derrick the Drinker’s horse) and the other two were attached to the carriage. With Bastion manning the carriage’s reigns and the everyone but Pegason in the back of the carriage, they headed towards the biggest giant

The party on horseback and carriage start heading through town, with this song playing in the background

After traversing across town, they spot the enormous giant demolishing the section of town he is in. Pegason maneuvers his horse up to the carriage and gets Pywright to join him on his horse to assist him in his part of the plan, which she jumps over and they continue onwards. The carriage unleashes a barrage of shots at the giant, with Patty being the only one to hit, getting the giant’s attention. It responds by throwing a large chunk of debris which strikes the carriage hard and causing only Striker to fall out. However, the horses attached to the carriage get spooked and start to run uncontrollably. The sudden violent motions caused everyone to fall out except Bastion, Patty, and the human barbarian.

With the giant distracted, Pegason and Pyrite approach it and stab it with the longsword with 150 feet rope attached to it and manage to firmly stick it into it’s achilles heel. Then they circled the giant and after doing that several times, pulled the rope and successfully tripped the giant, causing it to crash into the ground.

With the chaos caused from carriage being damaged, everyone riding the carriage were separated but made their way on foot towards the prone giant and started to attack the vulnerable monster. The giant struggled to get up and thrashed angrily at the one’s responsible for putting in onto the ground and managed to connect and send Pegason and Pywright flying to the ground, the blow dealing sufficient damage to stagger Pegason. Pegason manages to help Pywright to her feet, and she charges the giant and slashes it in the face, dealing the final blow to kill it.
(with the monster dead, the song ends)

Pegason manages to get to his feet and spends the next minute smashing the dead giant’s face in. He then takes the longsword stuck in the giant to cut open its stomach, where he sees several unfortunate bodies. He finds Maverick’s body and pulls it out of there to give him a proper burial. Pywright runs back to the church to check on Hajime and Nanami and finds that they are fine with a few more giants dead around their feet and church still perfectly intact.

The group went back to the remains of Maverick’s house where they intended to hold a funeral for him. Hajime dug a grave while Pegason searched the remains of the house and found Maverick’s prized golden lute. He then found a large boulder and broke off a large piece to use as a tombstone. A short service was held, with Mephistopheles reading a poem and Pegason delivering a speech. After the brief eulogy, Pegason etched the following into the tombstone

Maverick Hollingsworth
The Greatest Bard Who Ever Lived
Died as he lived; in someone else’s mouth

Pegason then laided the golden lute next to the gravestone and Bastion painted the the final resting place of Maverick Hollingsworth.

The group then went to the tavern for a drink, and Pywright and Pegason bonded over the loss of a family member that happened in front of their eyes. They then went to the Resistance headquarters to see who had survived and what the plan was moving forward. They were greeted by Marshall and Viral, who after learning what became of Maverick, told them that the only leaders left were the two of them, Giggs, and Scar, who had returned with news that the party should hear. Scar was summoned to the warehouse and the group was told to catch up to him there.

Arriving at the Warehouse, they saw Scar with half of his face gone talking to the Emerald Swordsman. On approach, they were greeted by the two and briefed about the events. Scar had stumbled upon a Citadel encampment with his men and got into a fight managing to escape. The one bit of good news was that he found out that Brutus was there. At this point, the Emerald Swordsman cuts in and explains to the party that the giants were not actually giants but Citadel soldiers who had magic that turned them into giants temporarily. The Emerald Swordsman then reveals that he was able to replicate the spell through and presents clothing that appeared to be hide armor and told the group that when they put it on it would turn them into giants for a short time. The plan was to use it on the Citadel encampment and take them by surprise and crush their forces there. The Emerald Swordsman only had enough materials to make enough for the player characters and since it was a dangerous mission, only those people who could become a giant should go. Bastion wanted to take Patty along but was advised not to, and Nanami along with Hajime elected to look after her until they came back, taking refuge in the main town hall because of the vulnerable state of Rshina with its broken defenses.

The group went several hours out to the encampment and stealthily approached the camp. When they got into position, everyone but Pywright (who was saving hers for a certain someone who killed her grandfather) put on the hide armor and transformed into to giants and wreaked havoc upon the camp. Within a short time, the encampment was decimated and the group returned to normal. It was at this point that they noticed a dwarf running into the forest. The group gave chase to find that the dwarf Brutus lying on the ground with a longsword through his chest and a young looking half elf standing in front of him. Mephistopheles approached and after brief questioning learned that the half elf was only a retainer who simply held the sword that Brutus ran into. Pywright simply killed the man for being associated with the traitor and searched his person to find a note. The note read that Brutus was tasked with infiltrating the Resistance from the start and that he did it only because of orders, he informed the people responsible for seeking revenge from Rshina that while they were away disposing of him, the real attack on Rshina was about to occur.

It took a moment for Pegason and Pywright to realize the gravity of the situation, but Mephistopheles was concerned for the people of Rshina and Bastion was deeply concerned with the safety of Patty. Led by Bastion, the group headed back to Rshina double time to find the destruction that lay before them. The main building looked to be a war zone from the outside, and emulated it on the inside, with countless dead bodies provided by the citizens of Rshina. The group found Hajime and Nanami dead. Hajime had several holes in his chest along with several of his weapons laying around his body. Nanami was nearby with only a single blow through the heart. There also appeared to be no sign of Patty. After checking and confirming that they were no longer alive, Hajime opened his eyes and instinctively lunged at the nearest person Pywright to attack, but pulled his attack before he connected. His body radiated he had Breath of Life cast on him several hours ago and that it finally took effect.


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